Why Wire Binding and Our Expertise

When you are searching velo binding service near me, you do not have to look further! At ExpCopyPrin, we are experienced enough, we can ensure that your documents are finished to a high standard, and provide you with a durable, professional-looking binder that will make your work stand out.

The twin-loop metal coils provide a 360-degree page turning capability and allow the book to lay flat, offering an enhanced reading experience that's comfortable and convenient.

Our Wire-O bound book printing offers versatility, accommodating projects ranging from a few pages to 200.

The wire coils we use are even more durable compared to the plastic coils typically found in spiral-bound booklets.

We offer a vast selection of paper types, coating, and sizing options to ensure we meet your specific needs.

If you require a professional and appealing look for booklets and formal presentations, then wire-o book binding is an exceptional option.

Are You Going To Print Wire-o Book? Remember That! Trim Size Matters!

3:1 Pitch (3 Holes Per Inch)
Thickness of bound materials (including covers)
Approximate # of sheets (based on 20lb. bond)

2:1 Pitch (2 Holes Per Inch)

For Special 2:1 Pitch Small & Medium Sizes, view the full list here: 2:1 Pitch Wire Binds

Thickness of bound materials (including covers)
Approximate # of sheets (based on 20lb. bond)
1-1/2" Twin Loop Wire Binds 2:1 Pitch

(Please make sure your wire machine can close/crimp 1-1/2" wire!


Why & When You May Need Wire Binding Service

Wire Binding Sizes

Wire Binding Sizes

We offer Wire-o/Coil book printing and binding services in various sizes including A6, A5, A4, Royal, or a size tailored to your specific requirements. Your choice of size should be determined by the nature of your book. A5 is commonly used for planners, while A4 is often more suitable for workbooks, reference guides, and training manuals.

Wire Binding Colors

Wire Binding Colors

We frequently receive the question of whether a book should be printed in color or black and white. Several factors must be considered before making this decision. For books containing plain text, black and white printing is the obvious choice. However, books that include images or colorful illustrations, especially children's books, often appear more appealing in color. It is important to note that there is a middle ground: color inserts. Incorporating a few color pages into primarily black and white printing can result in significant cost savings.

Wire Binding Pages

Wire Binding Pages

Wire-o bound books have no minimum page count and can accommodate up to 600 pages. When choosing the paper type for your book, it's important to avoid two common mistakes. Some opt for the thinnest paper to cut costs, while others assume that the most expensive paper will guarantee a higher quality book. However, this is not always the case. If you need guidance on selecting the best paper for your book, feel free to reach out for advice.

Wire Binding Designs

Wire Binding Designs

When designing your book, it's important to consider the impact of the coil binding. The holes that the coil threads into will take up 7mm of space on your page, so it's recommended to keep any text at least 10mm away from the bind edge. If you'd prefer to have your book designed for you, feel free to explore our design services or reach out to one of our team members for assistance.

You May Love Our Wire o Binding Solution In NYC! Why?

At ExpCopyPrint, we provide high-quality wire binding service in NYC, with fast turnaround time and competitive prices. We have the experience and expertise to handle any wire binding project, from small to large, simple to complex. Here are some of the reasons why we are the best in wire binding service:

We use state-of-the-art equipment and materials to ensure a flawless and durable wire binding. Our machines can punch up to 25 sheets of paper at a time, and our wires are made of premium metal that can withstand wear and tear.

We offer a wide range of wire binding options to suit your needs and preferences. You can choose from different wire diameters, colors, pitches, and lengths, depending on the thickness and style of your document. You can also opt for different cover materials, such as clear, frosted, or colored plastic, or cardstock with various finishes

We have a team of skilled and friendly staff who can assist you with your wire binding project. Whether you need help with design, printing, punching, or binding, we are here to guide you through every step of the process. We can also advise you on the best wire binding option for your document, based on your budget and deadline

We offer a fast and convenient wire binding service in NYC, with same-day or next-day delivery options. You can either bring your document to our store, or upload it online and we will print and bind it for you. You can also choose to pick up your document from our store, or have it delivered to your door.

We guarantee your satisfaction with our wire binding service. If you are not happy with the quality or appearance of your wire-bound document, we will redo it for free or refund your money. We value your feedback and strive to exceed your expectations.

Examples of Wire Binding Work

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