Benefits of Laminating Services

There are two main advantages to laminating your finished printed materials


Laminating protects your documents from scratches, dampness, sunlight fading, and extends their shelf life. It safeguards your important items from daily wear and tear, ensuring they remain in pristine condition for a longer time.


Laminating can enhance the visual appeal of your printed materials by intensifying the colors and giving them a glossy or matte finish, depending on the type of lamination material used. This can make your documents look more professional and visually striking.

ExpCopyPrint Provides Best Laminating Service In NYC


We use state-of-the-art equipment and materials for high-quality laminating service in NYC, ensuring your documents are protected and presented in the best possible manner.


Exp business services can provide the cheapest laminating service that still offers excellent results. Our prices and services are better than other providers that meets your budget and quality requirements.

Customer Service

Our professional laminating service in NYC should provide excellent customer service, addressing your concerns and ensuring your satisfaction with the final product. We also offer prompt communication, clear explanations so that you get a hassle-free experience with us.

Turnaround Time

Though the turnaround time for laminating services can vary depending on the provider and the complexity of the project, we can meet your deadline while maintaining high-quality results.

Types of Laminating Services in NYC

Hot Laminating Service

Hot laminating is the most common type of laminating service in NYC. It involves the use of heat and pressure to bond a clear plastic film to the surface of the document. This process provides a high level of protection against moisture, dirt, and damage, while also enhancing the colors and overall appearance of the printed material.

Cold Laminating Service

Cold laminating is an alternative to hot laminating, suitable for heat-sensitive materials or items that can be damaged by high temperatures. This process uses a pressure-sensitive adhesive film that is applied to the document without the use of heat. Cold laminating is ideal for photographs, vinyl graphics, and other delicate materials that require protection without the risk of heat damage.

At ExpCopyPrint: Some More Professional Laminating Services in NYC

Besides laminating, we provide professional laminating services in NYC that includes additional services to meet your needs

Mounting is the process of affixing a document (such as a poster) to a rigid backing (substrate) to provide additional support and protection. This can enhance the durability of your printed materials, making them suitable for display or long-term storage.

Foam Core Mounting

Foam core mounting is a lightweight mounting process that uses foam core as the substrate. This type of mounting offers a cost-effective solution for protecting and displaying your documents without adding significant weight.

Gator Board Mounting

Gator board mounting is a more robust option compared to foam core mounting. It uses gator board, a durable and rigid substrate, to provide added strength and stability to your mounted documents.

Examples of Laminating Services

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