Why You Should Choose Perfect Binding Service

Why You Should Choose Perfect Binding Service

  • Softcover books, also known as perfect-bound books, utilize a glue binding technique that is commonly found in retail stores and public libraries.
  • This binding method is highly versatile and can be used for projects with page counts ranging from 30 to 200 pages, making it an ideal choice for self-published books, catalogs, magazines, and other similar materials.
  • Perfect binding provides an extensive range of paper types, coatings, and sizing options to cater to your specific requirements.
  • It remains to be a cost-effective printing solution, while still providing a high-end appearance and texture to your work.

EXP Provides Optimal Bindery With Customized Perfect Binding!

EXP Provides Optimal Bindery With Customized Perfect Binding!

  • At ExpCopyPrint, we provide impeccable perfect binding services. Our process involves stacking all the pages into one block and using thermal glue to bind them together with the cover. This glue is strong and flexible, ensuring the book's longevity and an elegant finish.
  • Once the glue has dried, we trim the sides of the book to ensure a clean and professional appearance.
  • For added durability, we apply a layer of clear coating to the final product.

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Examples of Perfect Binding Work

Size Chart For Perfect Book Binding Service

We offer our books and booklets in the following standard sizes. For custom size requirements please reach out to us directly for a quote.


210 x 297 mm

A4 size

148 x 210 mm

Half A4

105 x 148 mm

A6 portrait

210 x 210 mm

Large square

148 x 148 mm

Medium Square

297 x 210 mm

A4 landscape

210 x 148 mm

A5 landscape

99 x 210 mm

DL Portrait

Tips For Perfect Bound Book

Tips For Perfect Bound Book

When deciding on the ideal binding style for your multi-page document, it's important to first assess whether perfect bound binding is the most suitable option. Perfect bound binding is a great choice for books that will be read multiple times. It's crucial to consider the intended use of the book before determining the binding style. If perfect bound binding is the chosen option, keep these tips in mind:

  • When designing a book, it is important to consider the margins. The spine of the book typically catches about 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch of the content, so it is best to avoid placing critical text in this area. The margin on the spine side should also be larger compared to the other three sides, unless all margins are already ample. It is recommended to have a margin of at least 1/2 inch on the three sides not in the spine, and 3/4 of an inch on the spine side.
  • When dealing with a two-page spread photograph, it is important to consider that part of the image may be concealed in the binding. However, this can be avoided by being mindful of the photo's placement. It is recommended to position a person's face towards one side of the page rather than in the center. Additionally, ensure that the focal point of the picture is located on a single page and not spanning both pages.
  • Ensure that odd page numbers are positioned on the right side while even page numbers on the left side. You can either center the page numbers or place the odd number on the right and the even number on the left side. Avoid placing all page numbers on just one side as some may be hidden in the spine. For a more professional look, place the page numbers on the outer edges of the two pages.
  • The spine of a book should only display text if it is wider than 1/4 inch. Otherwise, the text will be too small, making it difficult to center it correctly. Moreover, the text should not extend to the very top and bottom of the spine since the cover may shift slightly during binding. It is important to ensure the text remains clearly centered on the spine.
  • Maintaining sufficient margins is crucial for your book's overall appearance, but it's particularly crucial on the cover. Ensure that all essential visuals and text remain well within the cutting line. A cluttered cover or content too close to the page's edge can detract from the book's professional look.

The Perfect Bound Binding Process

The Perfect Bound Binding Process

  • After your book is printed on our digital presses, the covers and inside pages are printed separately. The cover is larger than the inside pages since it wraps around them. The inside pages are printed in sets of 2 or 4, depending on the book's size.
  • Once printing is complete, the inside pages and covers are cut down to a little larger than their final size. If you opted for cover lamination, the covers are laminated before being cut.
  • These components are then taken to the perfect bound binding machine to bind the books. One set of inside pages is clamped into the machine and moved over a milling machine that notches the spine. This allows the glue to soak into the pages, and the glue is then applied to the spine and a little up the spine on both sides of the book. The inside pages are then positioned over the cover and clamped into place.
    Once the glue has dried, the books are trimmed to their final size. Since the spine is the bound side, the book is trimmed on three sides.
  • There are two types of glue for perfect binding: EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) and PUR (polyurethane). EVA glue dries faster but is not as durable as PUR glue. For most applications, EVA is sufficient. However, PUR glue is incredibly strong and will not come apart in hot or cold weather. Furthermore, books bound with PUR glue will lay flat without falling apart. We have two perfect binding machines at Publishing Xpress, one using EVA glue and the other using PUR glue.
  • We aim to use the PUR machine for perfect bound binding whenever possible. However, if the book is smaller than 5 x 7 inches, has only a few pages, or needs to be shipped the same day (PUR glue requires overnight drying), we cannot use the PUR machine.

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