Affordable Passport Photo Options

ExpCopyPrint is excellent option for cheap passport photos. They offer affordable photo printing services that allow you to print your US passport photo in the required 2x2 inch size. To save even more money, you can prepare your passport photo beforehand and print it in the 4x6 inch size, which will provide you with multiple passport-sized photos that just need to be cut out.

Affordable Passport Photo Options

Photography Studios and Professional Photographers

For those looking for professional-quality passport photos, photography studios and professional photographers offer high-resolution images that meet the U.S. passport photo requirements. They can guide you through the process, ensuring that your photo meets all the necessary guidelines such as proper lighting, background, and facial expressions. Although this option may be more expensive, you'll receive top-quality photos that will likely be accepted without any issues.

Baby Passport Photos

Many of the options mentioned above also offer baby passport photo services. Taking passport photos for babies can be challenging, but these professional services ensure that the photos meet all the necessary guidelines. Whether you need a baby passport photo for a US passport or visa application, these services can help you capture the perfect image.

Baby Passport Photos

Passport Photo Tips and Guidelines

When getting your passport photos taken, it's essential to keep the following tips and guidelines in mind
  • Wear dark, pattern-free tops to ensure sufficient contrast with the background
  • No head coverings are allowed unless worn for religious reasons
  • Avoid large and reflective jewelry
  • Wearing glasses or sunglasses is not allowed
  • Ensure your facial expression is neutral, with your mouth closed and eyes open

Following these guidelines will increase the likelihood of your passport photo being accepted without any issues.

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Examples of Passport / Visa Photo

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