Why You Need Litigation Document Scanning

Litigation document scanning is an essential process for law firms and legal departments to manage large volumes of paper-based documents that are generated during litigation. Here are some reasons why you need litigation document scanning:

Accessibility: Scanned documents are easily accessible from your computer or mobile device, allowing you to quickly search, view, and share vital information with colleagues.

Space-saving: Scanning your litigation documents frees up valuable office space that would otherwise be taken up by bulky filing cabinets and storage boxes.

Time-saving: The process of searching through physical files for specific information can be time-consuming and frustrating. With scanned documents, you can quickly find what you need with a few clicks.

Security: Scanned documents can be secured with passwords, encryption, and other security measures to protect sensitive information.

Preservation: Scanning your documents ensures their long-term preservation and prevents loss or damage due to fire, flood, or other disasters.

Overall, litigation document scanning can save time, money, and improve the efficiency and accuracy of your legal operations.

Why Choose expCopyPrint?

At expCopyPrint, we understand the importance of efficient document management for legal professionals. We offer tailored solutions that are customized to meet your specific requirements.

Improved efficiency

Our Litigation Document Scanning Services in NYC are designed to streamline your document management process, saving you valuable time and resources.

Enhanced accuracy

Our advanced equipment and technologies ensure that your documents are scanned accurately and efficiently.

Easy retrieval

Our indexing and OCR services make it easy to search for and retrieve specific information within your documents.

Secure storage

We keep your documents safe and secure throughout the scanning process and beyond.

Our Litigation Document Scanning Process:

We begin by assessing your current document management processes and identifying areas for improvement. Once we have a clear understanding of your needs, we develop a customized plan that includes the following steps:
Document Preparation: We carefully prepare your documents for scanning, removing staples, paperclips, and other obstructions that could impede the scanning process.
Scanning: We use the latest high-speed scanners to digitize your documents quickly and accurately.
Indexing: We assign metadata to your documents, such as file name, date, client name, and case number, to make them easily searchable and retrievable.
OCR (Optical Character Recognition): We use advanced OCR software to convert your scanned documents into searchable text files, making it easy to find information within documents.
Quality Control: Our team of experts performs a thorough quality check on every document to ensure that it is accurately scanned, indexed, and OCR'd.
Electronic File Delivery: We deliver your digitized documents in the format of your choice, including PDF, TIFF, or searchable PDF. This allows you to easily access your documents from any device, anywhere, and at any time.

Our Services Besides Litigation Document Scanning Services

Litigation Document Scanning

Litigation Document Scanning

expCopyPrint offers reliable and efficient litigation document scanning services in NYC. We meticulously scan your physical legal documents, converting them into high-resolution digital files. By digitizing your case files, pleadings, exhibits, and other legal documents, you can significantly reduce the time and effort spent on manual searches, photocopying, and paper storage.

OCR and Text Recognition

OCR and Text Recognition

Our OCR technology enables seamless text recognition within scanned documents. With searchable and editable digital files, you can effortlessly locate specific keywords, names, or phrases, saving valuable time during case preparation and research. Our team ensures accurate OCR results, so you can trust the reliability of your digitized documents.

Document Indexing and Metadata Tagging

Document Indexing and Metadata Tagging

To streamline document retrieval, we offer comprehensive document indexing and metadata tagging services. We organize your digital files using relevant identifiers such as case numbers, client names, dates, and document types. This systematic approach empowers you to quickly locate and retrieve the necessary information, boosting productivity and efficiency.

Secure Document Storage and Backup

Secure Document Storage and Backup

At expCopyPrint, we understand the importance of secure document storage. After scanning your legal documents, we provide you with secure digital storage solutions, ensuring your files are protected from loss, theft, or damage. Additionally, we offer data backup services to safeguard against unforeseen events, ensuring your valuable legal documents are always secure and accessible.

We Digitize Your Documents In Different Formats You Want

After scanning your documents, we can provide them in a variety of formats, including:

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